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Honors HW/Project Information

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The overall goal of the homework and final project is to measure the energy usage of various appliances in your home and find ways to reduce the total usage by 10% or more. Your final project will utilize the data collected during the three homework assignments and will be presented as a scientific poster saved in .PDF format. I strongly urge you to download Microsoft Office 365 (free in your My SCCC account) and use MS PowerPoint to design the poster as a single large slide. Use Internet resources to help you with designing the poster. Scientific posters have certain required components but you have much room to also be creative.

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August 26, 2016 at 12:41 pm

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Homework Due Dates

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Please check here to see when homework is due. Follow the directions , read how to maximize your HW score, use the homework outline, and view scoring rubric. Note: Homework is due at beginning of class on the due date. 15 minutes late is OK but nothing longer. Students may send their files via email attachment or submit to my office (hand or under door) in T-202 if they cannot attend class on time. I cannot accept HW in my faculty mailbox unless it is time stamped by a secretary.

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Term Paper Topic Selection

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Please refer to this topic to see which Skeptical Science arguments have already been selected by other students. Be sure to look at the list for your particular class.

Send me an email with your topic choice. DO NOT POST HERE. Included in that email should be the topic choice, number, your name, and which class (M/W or T/R) you are in.

Topics must be submitted to me no later than TUE NOV 15 (Day Class) or WED NOV 16 (EVE Class).

Carefully read the directions and view the scoring rubric. Term paper is due TUE NOV 29 (DAY Class) or WED NOV 30 (EVE Class).

As students choose topics I will update the comments to this post. ALL students must choose a topic before they submit their paper.

A late topic choice or a late paper will be assigned a zero – no exceptions. Hard copy and e-copy of final paper are required to receive a grade.

* I will review a draft version of your full paper if you send an MS Word file attachment to me by TUE NOV. 1.

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Questions about Class Content

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All questions related to MET103 should be asked here.  Click leave a comment.

FREE TUTORING is available for MET103. See GEOCORE Ambassadors

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College Announcements

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Official college announcements will be posted here by Prof. Mandia.

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Questions & comments not related to course material should be posted here as a comment.

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